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Change Your Smile. Change Your Life.

What exactly is cosmetic dentistry? From tooth colored fillings to smile makeovers, cosmetic dental treatments range from aesthetic restorations to changing the appearance of your teeth. Most cosmetic treatments involve a combination of services like teeth whitening, composite resin, or porcelain materials to adjust the color, shape or size of your teeth.

Every person’s approach to his or her cosmetic therapy is different. Some people have only one or two teeth that they want to improve, while others have multiple teeth that are so broken, discolored, crowded or worn that they want their entire smile to be changed. What makes cosmetic dental care unique is that there’s no single way to improve your smile. A combination of therapies can be used to achieve the look that you’ve always wanted.

Almost any type of dental service can be performed using a cosmetic perspective. Whether it’s a routine filling, crown, bridge, implant, or even porcelain veneer, your cosmetic treatment isn’t just for looks. Routine dental restorations due to cavities, broken or missing teeth can all be completed in a way that improves your overall oral health and beautifies your smile. True cosmetic dentistry is created by skilled hands – hands that know how to create restorations that are both naturally beautiful and comfortably functional.

You’ve probably seen dental work on friends, family, or even yourself, which looks very unlike a natural tooth, even if it has been matched to the natural tooth color. That’s because cosmetic dentistry isn’t just about matching a restoration to a tooth, it’s far more than that. True cosmetic dental therapy involves skill and techniques that are taught and learned over a period of time. Even the right type of lighting is necessary to select restorative materials. In some cases, more than one shade is used and blended with another, to create the natural, translucent appearance of a real tooth. This is especially important when the front teeth are being treated.

When you choose your cosmetic dentist, ask around. Look at that dentist’s before and after cases, and ask who your friends have used. The more experience and skill that your cosmetic dental provider has, the more you can rest assured that you will receive care that exceeds your own expectations.