Conscious Oral Sedation

Does the thought of seeing a dentist make you feel nervous? This is very normal, and it can keep you from getting the dental care you really need. We provide oral sedation services to patients upon request. By using oral sedation medication, any patient can relax and have most of their treatments performed during a single, comfortable appointment.

We will prescribe a sedative to be taken one hour prior to your scheduled appointment. While you can move and respond to questions, you will most likely not remember any of your appointment. Instead you will feel like you’re in a dream-like state or very sleepy. The medication allows the team to work quickly while keeping you comfortable through the entire process! Because the sedative takes a few hours to wear off, it is necessary to have someone escort you to and from our office.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, also called “laughing gas,” is available upon request during any dental procedure. The gas helps create a warm, relaxing sensation that makes your treatment more comfortable. Using nitrous oxide also makes procedures, like anesthesia administration, more comfortable. It can be used on patients of all ages, including children. The only contraindications include sinus problems or the inability to breath through your nose. Using nitrous oxide does not produce full sedation, but it is useful for most patients who have mild anxiety. The effects from nitrous wear off very quickly after the supply has been turned off, allowing you to drive yourself home or back to work after your treatment.