The Best Cosmetic Dental Care

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Change Your Smile. Change Your Life. What exactly is cosmetic dentistry? From tooth colored fillings to smile makeovers, cosmetic dental treatments range from aesthetic restorations to changing the appearance of your teeth. Most cosmetic treatments involve a combination of services like teeth whitening, composite resin, or porcelain materials to adjust the color, shape or size… Read more »


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Alvin W. Neff, DDS has one of the most unique teams of dental professionals in the area. We strive to provide to highest quality of care to every one of our patients. We take pride in the work we do and promise to always keep one thing as our main focus…you! We’ve always had this… Read more »

A New, Non-Invasive Treatment for Receding Gums

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Are your gums receding? Those exposed roots are not only unattractive but also incredibly sensitive. Until recently, the only way to treat receding gums was through gum grafting surgery, a procedure that is invasive, time consuming, and which leaves you with conspicuous sutures at the gumline. But now, Rogers own Dr. Alvin Neff has received… Read more »